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ODY By Em TM is owned and operated by fitness instructor Emmett C. Burns, Jr.. Emmett's call to fitness begin many moons ago, and his passion to help others was the drive to start BODY By Em TM  Emmett a graduate of Temple University received his certification through the American Aerobic Association International, International Sports Medicine Association as a Fitness Instructor, and American Sports & Fitness Association as a Senior Fitness Instructor.

We are not created equal! But we all can be healthy! 
Emmett has designed a plan to assist his clients by first acknowledging their strengths and weakness with his BODY By Em TM Fitness Assessment.  Through this assessment and his in depth study of your current condition, he prepares a personalized plan to meet your desired goals.  

Through hard work and your commitment to follow through, he provides a path that will lead you to the Real You.

BODY By Em TM works with other professionals such as Dietitians, Therapist, and Medical Professionals as resources for a well rounded plan.

For more information please feel free to contact Emmett C. Burns, Jr. at (443) 804-1377 | emmett@bodybyem.com.

Be Uplifted...Reach New Strength!
You deserve better, so allow BODY by Em to help you discover a new personal best.

More about Emmett...
At an early age, Emmett Burns love of physical fitness was very evident. A graduate of Temple University he played college football, a former semiprofessional football player, body builder, a known gym connoisseur, and over 12 years as pharmaceutical representative specializing in preventative diabetic products, Emmett discovered
his passion; to help others get fit and be happy.

BODY by Em's system is not about scale watching, starvation or gimmicks, BODY by Em's proven method of personalized fitness plans offer sustainable results. BODY by Em's fitness strategies shocks your body in order to wake up your muscles and tap into a well of energy, that will keep you thriving.

Feel good about yourself. BODY by Em does not participate in body bashing, most people have been beat up enough. In addition to providing great core workouts, we also believe that you should have a good time, in hopes that you will desire to do more
to take care of yourself.

Emmett has appeared on television, radio and writes a Blog to reminds us to support physical and mental wellness, in order to sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Need some motivation... That's what I'm for, so stay connect!

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