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Be Uplifted...Reach New Strength!
Discover a new personal best with BODY By Em TM certified trainer Emmett Burns, and enjoy a new way of living.  Our system is not about scale watching, starvation or gimmicks, just consistent team work.  BODY By Em TM proven method of personalized fitness plans offer sustainable results.

We believe that change is good and with BODY By Em TM custom fitness strategies, our goal is to shock your body with new methods, to wake up your muscles and tap into a well of energy. 

We want you to feel good about yourself. BODY By Em TM does not participate in body bashing, most people have been beat up enough. While BODY By Em  provides great core workouts, we also believe that you should have a good time, in hopes that you will desire to do more to take care of yourself.

Remember by supporting physical and mental wellness, with a good fitness plan such as BODY By Em you can sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

For more information please contact BODY By Em certified trainer Emmett Burns at (443) 804-1377 | Emmett@BODYByEm.com .